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Cartelería Digital: La nueva manera de comunicar

17 October, 2017 0 0

La Cartelería Digital es la manera más genial de informar, ya que reemplaza a todos esos viejos carteles y te permite mostrar tus contenidos dinámicamente, gestionarlos de manera centralizada e incluso integrarlos en tiempo real, puedes decidir qué mostrar y actualizar el contenido las veces que quieras en cuestión de minutos, ahorrando tiempo, dinero y…

Top 10 mistakes in business

23 January, 2017 0 0

We leave for your analysis 10 of the most common mistakes that companies make. Are you failing something? Find out now! 1.- Lack of mission and vision Mission presents WHY? Of the existence of the organization. It responds who we are ?, why we exist ?, what we do ?, for whom we work ?, what are our values? All…

5 Advertising Tips for SMEs

23 January, 2017 0 0

Understanding the world of advertising is vital for SMEs, it is through it that they can come out and start positioning themselves in the market. You can not depend solely on the benefits of going by word of mouth if you want the business to take off And grow. If you want that to happen,…

The importance of a good corporate image

23 January, 2017 0 0

The corporate image, or reputation, describes how a company, its activities and its products or services are perceived by users. In a competitive business climate, many companies are actively working to create and communicate a positive image to their customers, shareholders, the financial community and the general public. A company that misdirects or…

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